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D. King, C. Woodruff, J Camp, and D. L. Carroll, Development and Testing of a Low Flame Temperature, Peroxide-Alcohol-Based Monopropellant Thruster 07 Aug. 2021, 35th Annual Small Satellite Conference, Logan, Utah, Aug 7-12, 2021, SSC18-III-09, DOI n/a, (2021)
D. L. Carroll, and P. M. Maggs, High-Fidelity Modelling of CS-Ar and CS-Xe Exciplex Pumped Alkali Lasers With Temperature-Dependent Energy Pooling and Ionization Reactions 31 Jul. 2021, Journal of Physics B, Vol. 54, No. 15, pp 155401, DOI, (2021)
G. Emanuel, D. M. King, J.W. Zimmerman, D. L. Carroll, and J Camp, High-Performance Froth Singlet Oxygen Generator 26 May. 2021, AIAA Journal, Vol. 59, No. 7, 2816-2819, DOI 10.2514/1.J060380, (2021)