Who Comprises CU Aerospace?

Our Partners (Members) have a very broad range of experience, some with careers of over 50+ years dating back to the Apollo-era. Specializations include Space Propulsion, Spacecraft Systems, Plasmadynamics, Advanced Materials, Astrodynamics Software, Optimization Software, Subsonic Aerodynamics including Aircraft Icing Safety Systems, and High Energy Lasers.

 Wayne Solomon, Chairman at CU Aerospace
Wayne Solomon

Dr. Wayne Solomon served as the original President of CUA until 2011 with specializations in Space Propulsion, Chemical Engineering, and High Energy Lasers.

David Carroll, President at CU Aerospace
David Carroll

Dr. Carroll is the President of CUA with specializations in Space Propulsion and Systems, Plasmadynamics, Optimization Software, and High Energy Lasers

 Rodney Burton, VP for Research at CU Aerospace
Rodney Burton
VP for Research

Dr. Rodney Burton leads the division of Space Propulsion.

 Michael Bragg, Director of Aircraft Safety at CU Aerospace
Michael Bragg
Director of Aircraft Safety

Dr. Michael Bragg leads the division of Aircraft Safety and Subsonic Aerodynamics.

Victoria Coverstone, Director of Astrodynamics at CU Aerospace
Victoria Coverstone
Director of Astrodynamics

Dr. Victoria Coverstone leads the division of Space Systems Software.

 Darren King, Laboratory Director at CU Aerospace
Darren King
Laboratory Director

Mr. Darren King leads experimental efforts at CUA with specializations in Space Propulsion, Plasmadynamics, and High Energy Lasers.

 Joseph Zimmerman, Director of Plasmadynamics at CU Aerospace
Joseph Zimmerman
Director of Plasmadynamics

Dr. Joseph Zimmerman leads the division of Plasmadynamics with additional specializations in Subsonic Aerodynamics, Aircraft Safety, and High Energy Lasers.

Phil Ansell, Director of Aerodynamics at CU Aerospace
Phil Ansell
Director of Aerodynamics

Dr. Phil Ansell leads the division of Aerodynamics, Acoustics, and Electrified Air Vehicles.

Julia Laystrom-Woodard, Director of Operations at CU Aerospace
Julia Laystrom-Woodard
Director of Operations

Ms. Julia Laystrom-Woodard is the Director of Operations with additional specialization in electric propulsion.

Curtis Woodruff, Director of Propulsion at CU Aerospace
Curtis Woodruff
Director of Propulsion

Mr. Curtis Woodruff leads the Electric Propulsion laboratory.