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CU Aerospace (CUA) offers experienced engineering services with a very diverse range of capability. In addition to our core areas of expertise (spacecraft propulsion/software, high energy lasers, modeling and simulation, and advanced materials), during our 20+ year history we have also successfully tackled problems in plasma/discharge engineering, robotics, controls, diode lasers, fuel cell technology, oxygen extraction from lunar regolith, and software toolbox development, among other technologies. CUA additionally offers management services for special situations (for example, new startup companies requiring guidance and support). Overall, our depth of multi-disciplinary knowledge enables CUA to address complex engineering problems in a cost-effective and time-expedient manner that few other businesses are able to manage.

Thrust Measurements

  • 500 µN – 500 mN range (may be expandable given application)
  • High flow systems down to 1 Torr @ 200 mg/s
  • Low flow, EP systems down to 1e-5 Torr
  • Steady firing and impulsive bits
  • 0.8 m3 vacuum chamber
  • 20 kg maximum test article mass

Precision Cleaning

  • Particle and NVR cleaning and verification down to Level 50A
  • ISO 6 certified clean room
    • 128 sq. ft. anteroom
    • 192 sq. ft. main room
Precision Cleaning 2
Precision Cleaning 3


CUA has 3,400 sq. ft. of laboratory floor space as well as a 300 sq. ft. cleanroom. Laboratory facilities are accompanied by a wide range of equipment, diagnostics, vacuum chambers, and chemical processing hardware. Additionally, CUA has facilities use agreements in place with some specialized University of Illinois laboratories that can be accessed with scheduled availability.

Modeling & Simulation

CUA has in-house modeling and simulation tools such as THERMOSYS for design of refrigeration systems, DyLAN for astrodynamics simulations, BLAZE Multiphysics for complex fluids/plasma/laser problems, and SEPTER for the design of modular spacecraft architectures. Additionally, CUA has two cluster machines (64-core and 144-core/288-thread) for its high performance computing (HPC) needs.


CUA has licenses to a number of design tools such as SolidWorks and Alibre for computer aided design (CAD) as well as MATLAB/Simulink. These CAD and mathematical physics capabilities are supported by numerous in-house specialty design tools for systems and mission engineering.

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