Solutions to Highly Complex Systems

The BLAZE Multiphysics™ Simulation Suite is comprised of a number of inter-operable and highly scalable parallel finite-volume models for the analysis of complex physical systems dependent upon laminar and turbulent fluid-dynamic (incompressible and compressible subsonic through hypersonic regimes), non-equilibrium gas- and plasma-dynamic, electrodynamic, thermal, and optical physics (radiation transport and wave optics) using any modern computational platform (Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux). BLAZE is compatible with a number of free, open-source, yet commercial quality grid generation and post-processing software packages which greatly reduces training and operating costs. BLAZE is also compatible with state of the art commercial grid generation and post-processing solutions.

BLAZE users can also create, compile, and include their own complete models into BLAZE without any knowledge of parallel programming, input/output, grid/mesh formats, sparse linear system solution schemes, etc. as this functionality is provided to the user by the simulation engine via an easy to use application programming interface (API).

Key benefits include

  • Efficient, parallel, highly scalable and inter-operable finite-volume multiphysics models
  • Two and three-dimensional domains using structured or unstructured, single- or multi-block grids
  • Compatible with any modern system architecture
  • Compatible with commercial quality, free, open-source grid generation and post-processing software packages
  • Includes a library of diverse verification/validation cases that can be used as starting points for users to quickly construct their own models
  • Includes well validated gas-kinetic, plasma-kinetic, and photo-kinetic specie and reaction databases
  • Users can create, compile, and include their own models within the BLAZE framework with little to know knowledge of parallel programming or advanced numerical methods

Export Note

International export is subject to U.S. government security review.

For information regarding BLAZE, please visit the BLAZE Multiphysics website.

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