Fortran Genetic Algorithm Front-End Driver Code

This genetic algorithm (GA) driver is free for public use. My only request is that the user reference and/or acknowledge the use of this driver in any papers/reports/articles which have results obtained from the use of this driver. Over the course of 20 years there have now been over 800 citations to my GA in published works.

For companies wishing to link this GA driver with an existing code, I am available for some consulting work. Regardless, I suggest altering this code as little as possible to make future updates easier to incorporate.

To easily download all of the necessary GA files, click on the following .zip archive. The archive is small (all less than 60K) so downloading should be reasonably quick.

Download (57 Kb)

If for some reason you are unable to download these files in this fashion, write to me at and I will gladly e-mail the files to you.

The present version of the GA driver is v1.7.1, code last updated on 4/2/2001 with small comment updates on 12/2/2020.

If you are interested in updates, please check this web page occasionally (but realistically, updates will be very rare). After many years of being public freeware, I've had thousands of takers worldwide; in other words, it has become unrealistic for me to e-mail people with update notices. I am sorry for the inconvenience.


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Version 1.7.1 is the last free update to the code. This version incorporates the “securGA” technique and a number of little bug fixes and should run more smoothly on most computers. Due to the overwhelming number of users of my code and countless emails over the years, it has become necessary to take a more formal approach with responses to questions.


Many thanks to those who have provided me information about bugs and suggestions to improve the code!

Special thanks to David Goldberg for numerous discussions and miscellaneous tips.

- David L. Carroll