150% Performance of Cold-Gas

The CubeSat High Impulse Propulsion System (CHIPS) leverages CUA’s patented compact resistojet technology to significantly boost the performance of standard cold-gas systems. A 1U CHIPS, using a non-toxic propellant, is a complete propulsion solution having a total estimated impulse of 563 N-s and a fully throttleable continuous thrust of 30 mN. The system also includes a 3-axis cold-gas Attitude Control System (ACS) as a replacement or supplement for reaction wheels. System set-points, system status, and firing telemetry are all accessible and configurable through an RS422 serial interface. CHIPS may be customized to meet customer specific mission requirements.

Advantages include:

  • Primary specific impulse (Isp) is ~50% higher than cold-gas systems

  • Thrust can be throttled

  • Compact package size w/ ACS as small as 0.6U

  • Compact package size without ACS as small as 0.3U

  • ACS can be expanded to full 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF)

  • Well-suited for 3U or larger CubeSats 

Propellant Options: R236fa and R134a (range safety approved)

Status: Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) required for final design and qualification. First unit w/ dual fault tolerance unit ~15-month lead time.

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