Space Systems Hardware: Hardware for the Future

Space systems for defense, commercial, and civilian applications are undergoing massive reconfiguration, modular design, and evolution. Beyond the space propulsion technologies, CUA is developing multiple additional hardware technologies to address these evolving space systems needs:

  • Dual Propulsion Experiment (DUPLEX) CubeSat
  • Guideless Resilient Androgynous Serial Port (GRASP)
  • Distributed Inertial Sensor Integration (DISI) Kit


CUA is the recipient of one of 2019’s 14 NASA Tipping Point partnership awards for the design, fabrication, launch and in-space demonstration of the DUPLEX CubeSat. DUPLEX is a 6U CubeSat that will test two of CUA’s micropropulsion technologies in space to provide flight heritage for these innovative new FPPT and MVP thruster systems. This flight demonstration will significantly lower risk for future customers, thereby increasing commercialization potential and dramatically raising the Technology Readiness Level (TRL). Through the NASA STMD investment, DUPLEX is fully funded from design to launch. Delivery of the DUPLEX spacecraft to team partner Nanoracks is anticipated in Q4-2024 and tentatively scheduled for launch Q1-2025.


The GRASP assembly interface provides a preloaded mechanical and electrical interface as a baseline that can be tailored for specific platform/mission requirements. Each baseline interface is equipped with physical connections for both power and data transmission between the different spacecraft/modules, while the flexible design allows for easy reconfiguration and integration of additional interfaces for thermal or fluid transfer. While developed to enable the assembly of a persistent modular space platform, the GRASP interface is extendable to planetary robotics applications.

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DISI Kit is a low-SWaP, COTS-based distributed IMU package containing a motherboard and daughter boards distributed around the spacecraft. Total power draw when operating is estimated to be < 4 Watts and < 200 grams for 6 sensor sets. Capabilities include inertial navigation after system alignment, jitter identification, and DISI Kit in the loop control. Such a system can provide critical information for spacecraft with deployed panels/structures and potentially serve as backup for some attitude control functions.

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To learn more about our space systems hardware for your application(s), please contact David Carroll at for questions about DUPLEXGRASP, and DISI Kit.