Showing items published in 2001
D. M. King, W. C. Solomon, D. L. Carroll, N. Luo, E.L. Antonsen, F. Rysanek, and J. Frus, “Development of a Multiplexed Coaxial Pulsed Plasma Thruster” 15 Oct. 2001, Proceedings of the 27th International Electric Propulsion Conference 2001, Pasadena, California, Oct 15-19, 2001, IEPC Paper 01-150, Vol., No., pp., DOI n/a, (2001)
D. Stromberg, L. Fockler, D. L. Carroll, and W. C. Solomon, “New Simulations for COIL lasers from the University of Illinois” 26 Jun. 2000, Proceedings of Laser Optics 2000, St. Petersburg, Russia, Jun 26-30, 2000, Vol. 4351, No., pp. 60-71, DOI n/a, (2001)