CUA Polymer-Fibre Satellite Micropropulsion Systems Readying for Launch

10/12/2022 News and Media
CUA Polymer-Fibre Satellite Micropropulsion Systems Readying for Launch

CU Aerospace is preparing to launch a series of innovative micropropulsion systems for flight on satellites in the near future.

Champaign-Urbana Aerospace (CUA) has developed multiple innovative micropropulsion systems for future integration and flight on micro- and nano-satellites (also called CubeSats). The CUA family of micropropulsion systems provide a broad range of capabilities, from high thrust to high specific impulse, to best suit the customer’s needs.

Advantages of onboard propulsion include collision avoidance, orbit raising and lowering, inclination change, rendezvous, drag makeup and orbit maintenance, and deorbiting end-of-life satellites. Collision avoidance and deorbiting satellites dramatically help to avoid the escalation of the growing orbital debris problem. The ability to deorbit reasonably quickly is now of immediate impact due to a recent rule change by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt a new ‘five-year rule’ for deorbiting satellites that supersedes the decades-old ‘25-year rule’ from low Earth orbital altitudes of 2,000km or less.


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